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60th Anniversary

  1. Share A Memory

    Have a favorite memory about Hanover Park? Share it with us and the community.

  1. Submit a Historic Photo

    Have a historic photo related to Hanover Park? We would love to have it, upload it here.

Community and Economic Development

  1. Business of the Year Award

    Nominate your favorite business for the Business of the Year Award. This award honors contributions made by Village of Hanover Park... More…

Village Clerk

  1. Business Automatic Alarm Signaling Device Registration
  2. Business License Renewal Form

    Update your information for an existing business with an active license.

  3. Clerk's Scholarship for Youth Activities

    The Office of Village Clerk Corral Sepúlveda offers scholarships for youth residing in Hanover Park whose families need support to... More…

  4. Freedom of Information Act Record Request Form
  1. Business License Application

    Complete the form, print out and submit with additional documents and payment at the Village Clerk's Office, 2121 W Lake St. Hanover... More…

  2. Charitable Solicitation Permit Application
  3. Commercial Solicitation Permit Application
  4. Raffle License Application