Human Resources

Today, Human Resources departments are an integral part of an organization’s strategic planning and policy development. The Village of Hanover Park’s Human Resource Department responsibilities are grouped into three functional areas: advisory, service, and control.

  1. Advisory
  2. Service
  3. Control

In our advisory capacity, our role is to develop, educate, and influence managers in the management of human resources. We advise line managers by gathering facts, diagnosing problems, providing solutions, and offering objective assistance and guidance on employee-related problems. For example, we will provide a supervisor with specific policy and procedures to follow for dealing with employees’ grievances, counseling employees on performance issues, and/or handling discipline.

We assist department managers in negotiating and administering collective bargaining agreements with employees represented by labor unions. As advisers, it is important that Human Resources staff stay abreast of federal and state legislation affecting public employment and guaranteeing all employees and applicants equal treatment and opportunities under the law.

Bargaining Union Contracts

Bargaining contracts for the following group are available in our Archive Center: