Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch is a community-based program working with the Crime Prevention unit. Neighborhood Watch is “… one of the most effective and least costly answers to crime,” according to the National Crime Prevention Council. It is citizens working together with law enforcement to reduce crime and victimization in their community. The responsibility of preventing crime must be shared equally by law enforcement and private citizens.


The Hanover Park Police Department’s primary goal is to help improve the safety and quality of life within the Village of Hanover Park. In order to achieve this goal, the Hanover Park Police Department continuously takes “zero tolerance” enforcement action against gangs, illegal drugs and other crimes. The Hanover Park Police Department is encouraging all residents to assist the police department with this goal by becoming a Neighborhood Watch block captain.

Program Overview

Neighborhood Watch is a program that encourages members of the community to join with law enforcement to prevent illegal activity in their neighborhoods. A Neighborhood Watch group usually consists of a group of residents who reside near one another. Citizens are taught how to decrease the chances of being a victim of a crime and how to report suspicious activity. Members of a Neighborhood Watch group get to know their neighbor’s routines, vehicles and other habits or information which helps residents to recognize any suspicious or criminal activity.

The block captain is responsible for organizing and facilitating meetings, recruiting new members and serving as a liaison to the police department. The Hanover Park Police Department is encouraging residents to get involved and become a block captain.

Additional Information

If residents have any interest or questions about becoming a block captain please contact the Hanover Park Police Department Neighborhood Watch Hotline at 630-823-5635 or email Neighborhood Watch.