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The Lakota Group
116 West Illinois Street
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Chicago, Illinois 60654

The Lakota Group is a team of talented designers, planners, and communicators powered by a passion to offer creative solutions.

Our defining attribute is fostered through a team-based approach to project management centered on positive dialogue. Led by our drive to institute change in a sustainable way, Lakota associates abide by a process that combines critical thinking and community engagement. The result? A practice that seeks to produce the most effectively efficient solutions, carefully balancing the real with the ideal.

Our quest is simple: we want to improve communities.

By engaging local residents through workshops, discussions and surveys, we strive to pinpoint the opportunities for improvement. We want clients to help us place ourselves in their frame of context: what would we want if we were the ones living in their town? Working in their building? Raising a family in their neighborhood? We want to listen, and we want to talk, and then we want to listen some more. Lakota acknowledges the issues, while also recognizing the strengths, shedding light on the qualities that make a place unique, and brainstorming the ways upon which they can be built.

Since the firm’s conception in 1993, Lakota has completed award-winning assignments in more than 500 towns and cities across the country, gaining recognition for its work in landscape architecture, waterfront planning, site planning, design, and community engagement.