Water Meter Replacement Program

Water Meter Team LogoThe Village of Hanover Park will soon begin the  process of installing new water meters in all residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. The majority of the Villages’ existing water meters are beyond the manufacturer’s recommended lifecycle of 20 years. The existing water meters utilize moving internal components to measure the consumption of water, which wear out over time, resulting in reduced accuracy. The new meters feature no moving parts and facilitate an automated meter reading process which will provide greater efficiency in meter readings and better customer service.

The Village has contracted with Siemens for this water meter replacement project. Water meters will be replaced between August of 2021 and March of 2022. All water meter project personnel will have photo identification, which they will provide at the time of the appointment. In addition, project personnel will arrive at your house with vehicles identified with the water meter project logo above. You will receive a notification postcard via mail from Siemens when they are in your area of the Village. This notification will include a phone number to call and a website where you can self-schedule an appointment to have your meter replaced.

Meter replacement will require access to each residence or business because meters are typically located in basements, crawl spaces, or utility closets that could include your furnace or water heater. Residents should clear a path to the meter and test that the main valve is operational. Failure to do this could require Siemens to have to reschedule your meter change out appointment. An adult who is over the age of 18 years old must be present at all meter replacement appointments. The entire change out process usually takes approximately 30 minutes. Once the meter has been changed, your water consumption will be converted to the new automated reading system in the next billing cycle.

There is no charge for the new meter but replacement is mandatory. Please visit https://www.hpil.org/watermeter for further project information. Please call Siemens’ toll-free number (866) 416-0223 with any questions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. The Village of Hanover Park appreciates your cooperation in bringing new technology and better, more accurate water service to our residents and businesses.

Water Meter Replacement Notice

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