How does the police department address problems of speeding vehicles?

Upon receipt of a citizen concern about speeding vehicles, the police department first must determine if indeed there is a speeding problem. Determining if there is a problem is performed by the use of the speed trailer. The speed trailer is a radar unit housed within a trailer containing the posted speed limit and a display which shows the motorist the speed at which they are currently traveling. The speed trailer logs the speeds and calculates average speeds and vehicle counts. If data indicates that speeding is a problem, several methods of speed-reduction operations may be utilized.

Selective Enforcement is the distribution of police manpower to a target location. Police Officers are assigned to this location in patrol vehicles and will issue citations and/or warnings to drivers for speeding and other traffic violations. Officers must log time devoted and number of citations in each selective enforcement location. Unfortunately, there is no general solution to the problem of speeding traffic. Often times, the true problem stems mostly from drivers that live in the neighborhood. There will always be drivers that speed through residential a areas, and it is important for residents in a neighborhood to be aware of this issue. The best answer the Police Department may provide is that parents should always be conscientious of their children when playing near streets and intersections. Children should be educated on street safety and this should continually be reinforced. 

Questions should be directed to the Strategic Enforcement and Prevention Unit at 630-823-5481.

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