Why is the snow plowed back into my driveway after I have shoveled?

Unfortunately, the nature of plowing with blades on the front of trucks requires that the snow go to the right of the vehicle to go off the roadway. There is no method to keep snow out of driveways and the snow plow drivers do not raise the snow plow blades when passing driveways The streets must be plowed curb to curb to provide for proper drainage, mailbox accessibility, and to allow clearance for future snow removal. The plowing of some snow onto driveway entrances cannot be avoided. This can be limited if the resident deposits the snow removed from their driveway to the right side of the driveway as you face the street. Please do not shovel or snow blow the snow from your driveway back into the public roadway.

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7. Why is the snow plowed back into my driveway after I have shoveled?
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