Fees and Bonds

Permit fees cover the Village’s costs to review applications and inspect construction. Fees will be applied upon approval of the permit application and must be paid before the permit is issued and work can begin.  Bonds are often required to ensure that applicants complete certain aspects of the job and protect public infrastructure.

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1. Who do I call regarding permits?
2. How long is my building permit good for?
3. What documents are required to obtain a permit?
4. Can I submit a permit Can I submit a permit request online?
5. Can I pay by credit card?
6. What type of permits do I need?
7. Where can I get a Plat of Survey for my house?
8. What are the allowable construction hours in Hanover Park?
9. What is J.U.L.I.E.?
10. Fees and Bonds
11. Inspections
12. How do I get my bond money back and how long will it take?