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Clerk's Scholarship for Youth Activities

  1. Applicant

    Applicant must be a residing Hanover Park parent or guardian. Documentation verifying the address and relationship to each child must be submitted i.e. birth certificate, court documents.

  2. Documentation Verifying Relationship*

    Submit One per Child

  3. Documentation Verifying Address*

    Submit Two

  4. Proof of Need

    You may submit documentation of government aid as proof of need. If you are not enrolled in any government aid programs, you will need to submit proof of income. Submit Only One

  5. Scholarship Recipient

    List each child and the program's name & cost.

  6. Signature

    Your signature certifying that the information provided is true and correct is required for processing.

  7. Date

  8. Approval- Office Use Only

    Village Clark approval signature

  9. Amount Approved

  10. Program

  11. Fiscal Year

  12. Scholarship No.

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