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Below is a list of events taking place within our community, as well as other general information which may be helpful to you. Please note that the events are sponsored by other not-for-profit organizations and not by the Village.

If your are interested in having your event or information published on this page, please contact the Manager's Office at (630) 372-4210.

To view a list of Village sponsored events, click here.
DuPage County Latex Paint Recycling Program
Resource for Assistance

Smart911 is a service that can benefit all citizens in any type of emergency. While Smart911 is for all, there are several populations for which Smart911 is a necessary resource in order to facilitate fast and accurate communication with 9-1-1.

Smart911 gives you, as a citizen, the ability to proactively provide important details about yourself and your family to 9-1-1 before an emergency happens.  Your information is stored in our secure facilities and is only made available to 9-1-1 when you make an emergency call from a phone tied to your Safety Profile.

Sign up for Smart911 today!  Click here for additional details or to sign up. 

DuPage County Latex Paint Recycling Program

Residents can drop off their usable, unwanted latex paint during the designated summer collections listed above, free of charge.  Click here for additional details. 

Resources for Assistance

Are you struggling and need assistance with things such as food, medical care, housing, etc., if so, click here to view the "If I Need..." flyer, which contains valuable resources of who you can turn to for help with these such things and more.