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Each year, the Village of Hanover Park presents several Awards.  This section of our website also has information on these awards.  Make a selection below to learn more about these scholarships and awards.

Citizen of the Year
Community Appearance
Deck the Homes
Educator of the Year
Humanitarian of the Year
Mayor's Choice Award
Michael H. Coleman Youth of the Year Award
Service to Veterans
Service to Youth

Citizen of the Year                                                                                                                                       Back to Top

2017 - Donna Smith
2016 - Eira Corral Sepulveda
2015 - Nikki Russ
2014 - Frank Dominowski
2013 - Nancy Cicero
2012 - Cindy Dittmer
2011 - Ann Delort
2010 - Robert Wachsmuth
2009 - John Holdeman
2008 - Anita Komorski
2007 - Lt. Jim Larson, Firefighters/Paramedics Garrett Kody, Rick Herzon and Brandon Matheny, and Police Officers Jennifer Smith and Steven Stotz 

Community Appearance                                                                                                                               Back to Top

This program recognizes residents who demonstrate extra effort in maintaining and beautifying their property. Judging is based on creativity and overall property appearance.  The nomination deadline has passed.  Winners from 2016 are posted below.

2016 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Community Appearance Award winners!

The Village of Hanover Park honored the 2016 Community Appearance Award winners. Winners receive a $100 gift certificate, a certificate and recognition at the Village Awards Reception.

1st Place:
The Gustafson Family
2144 Greenbridge Lane

2nd Place:
The Pacheco Family
1684 Greenwood Ave

Deck the Homes                                                                                                                                           Back to Top

This program recognizes residents who demonstrate extra effort in decorating their homes for the holidays and show their holiday spirit.  Judging is based on creativity and overall appearance.  Homes are judged by Village Elected Officials.

2016 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Deck the Homes Contest winners!

The Village of Hanover Park recently named the 2016 Deck the Homes Award winners.  Winners receive a $100 gift card, a certificate of appreciation and recognition at the Village Awards Reception in February.

 The Basilio Residence
 Celebrity Circle

The Mann Residence
Clipper Drive

Educator of the Year                                                                                                                                   Back to Top

2017 - Kara Morgan, Sue Hindenburg & Courtney Bainbridge (6th Grade - Anne Fox School)
2016 - Rebecca Walker
2015 - Tony Sanders
2014 - Emma Page
2013 - Patricia Gonzalez-Martinez
2012 - David Negron
2011 - Gail Mehlan
2010 - Patricia Stubbs
2009 - Judy Ciaglo
2008 - Dr. Nicholas Myers

Humanitarian of the Year                                                                                                                            Back to Top

2017 - Martha Corral
2016 - Sean Bockstadter
2015 - Watmora Casey
2014 - Mission Church
2013 - Bern Bertsche (CEO), Camcraft
2012 - Mariah Reeves
2011 - Tom and Terrie Kuenker
2010 - Delores Herrera
2009 - Jennie Swanson
2008 - Maria Woerle

Mayor's Choice Award                                                                                                                                  Back to Top

The "Mayor’s Choice Business Award" program was developed by the Village’s C.O.N.E.C.T Committee to recognize outstanding achievement in the business community within the Village.

Nominate your favorite business for the Mayor's Choice Business of the Year Award.  This award honors contributions made by Hanover Park businesses benefitting our community.

All residents and businesses are encouraged to nominate outstanding local businesses.  Businesses are encouraged to nominate themselves.  Entrants must be located in Hanover Park and will be judged in several categories including, but not limited to:

  • Community Involvement
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Positive Image and Appearance

As of 2013 there are now two award categories (1) for businesses employing over 50 employees (51 +) and (1) for businesses employing 50 or less employees (1 - 50). 

In addition, once nominated, businesses will also be eligible to win the People's Choice Award, conducted by the Clerk's Office. In December, residents and businesses will be able to text their vote for their favorite nominated business. Stay tuned for more information on the People's Choice voting process after the nomination deadline.

Deadline for receiving Nominations is Thursday, November 30th and judging will be conducted by the C.O.N.E.C.T Committee.
Click here to download a Nomination Form, completed forms can be scanned and emailed to:  or sent regular mail to: Village of Hanover Park, 2121 Lake Street, Hanover Park, IL 60133. If you have any questions about the Annual Mayor's Choice Business Awards, please contact Community Development, at 630.823.5780.

Michael H. Coleman Youth of the Year Award                                                                                              Back to Top

Named after Michael H. Coleman, a young Hanover Park resident who passed away in 2011, this scholarship program is designed to recognize and encourage excellence in the young people of Hanover Park.  Students are judged on academic initiative, career initiative, leadership initiative and community initiative.  Each year, a high school senior is selected as the Hanover Park "Youth of the Year."

Below is the brochure and application for the 2017-2018 Michael H. Coleman Youth of the Year Scholarship.  The application deadline is December 1, 2017.

  Youth Of The Year Application

The Youth of the Year Scholarship was established by the Village of Hanover Park to honor and recognize the contributions of graduating high school students who reside in Hanover Park. 

Each year, Hanover Park high school seniors are invited to participate in this program.  Although considered, academics are secondary to the student’s involvement in serving the Hanover Park community. 

The Village knows there are several ways in which youth are involved in improving both themselves and the Village of Hanover Park and acknowledge those achievements by awarding a $1,000 Scholarship and three $500 runner up scholarships. 

To apply, send in the completed application form and a one-page essay sharing with us how you have been involved in improving both yourself and the Village of Hanover Park.


Academic Initiative:  Student's initiative to excel academically through GPA, course load, AP/Honor Roll classes, etc.

Career Initiative:  Student's initiative towards career goals.

Leadership Initiative:  Student's initiative towards taking responsibility to take charge on projects or leadership roles.

Community Initiative:  Student's initiative towards having a direct impact to the Village of Hanover Park.

Letter of recommendation  

Include one letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach, employer, etc.  The letter may not be submitted by family members

To qualify

The student must...

  • be a resident of the Village of Hanover Park.
  • be a member of the graduating class of 2018.
  • plan to continue their education at a university, community college, or technical school.

Return the completed application, essay and letter of recommendation to:

Village of Hanover Park
Youth of the Year Scholarship
Attn:  Sue Krauser
2121 Lake Street
Hanover Park, IL 60133

The application deadline is December 1, 2017.

Service to Veterans                                                                                                                                     Back to Top

2017 - Khalid Davis
2016 - Phil Jelen

Service to Youth                                                                                                                                          Back to Top

2017 - Chuck Plaia
2016 - Bob Prigge
2015 - Mary Jo Imperato
2014 - Mark Bocian, Springwood Middle School
2013 - Ed Rafferty
2012 - Gary Ofisher
2011 - Dan Agosta
2010 - Micky Macholl
2009 - Ray Kiel
2008 - Rick Roberts