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Community and Economic Development

Home Occupations

A home occupation is any occupation or profession done by the occupant of a dwelling at or from the dwelling. This home occupation must be secondary or accessory to the main use of the dwelling. Some permitted examples of a home occupation are art lessons, music instruction, or religious education.

Permitted home occupations do not require any special approvals or licenses from the Village, provided they comply with all Village regulations.  To determine if your home occupation is in compliance with Village codes, please see the regualations below and contact the Community Development Department at (630) 823-5780. A home occupation operated for profit is permitted in all residential districts provided:

1.   It is operated in its entirety within a building (not a temporary building);

2.   It does not have a separate entrance from the outside of the building;

3.   It does not display or create any external evidence of the operation of a home occupation outside the building;

4.   It does not conduct a retail business, manufacturing business, or repair shop. The exception is a retail business done by mail;

5.   It does not include group counseling or other group meetings containing more than 3 people not including the resident;

6.   It does not utilize more than 20 percent of the gross floor area of the dwelling. The maximum amount allowed is 500 square feet;

7.   It does not have any employee or assistant who is not a member of the family who lives in the dwelling;

8.   It does not utilize mechanical or electrical equipment other than the type normally found in a single-family dwelling;

9.   It does not involve the sale of commodities on the property;

10.  Teaching music, dancing, or singing will be limited to 1 student at a time. Religious or academic instruction may not be given to more than 3
       students at one time;

11.  No hazard will be made by the home occupation that could endanger the occupants, the dwelling, or any other structures;

12.  It will not require any additional parking spaces;

13.  The activity will not create noise in excess of the normal daily activity for a residential area;

14.  It will not create any excessive odors, except for odors made from food preparation;

15.  It will not interfere with normal television or radio reception in the surrounding area.