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Inspectional Services

The Inspectional Services Division protects public health, safety, and welfare by performing periodic health and property maintenance inspections, and inspections of all nonresidential buildings. The Division also performs construction inspections on all new buildings and improvements to assure compliance with building codes. Finally, the Division is responsible for ensuring a safe and sanitary environment for food service and sales and nonresidential properties to enforce the property maintenance and other health-related codes of the Village. Other specific division responsibilities include:

  • Review of all proposed construction in the Village to ensure compliance with applicable construction regulations.
  • Issuing permits for construction and other miscellaneous improvements, including signs.
  • Periodic inspections of all food service and sales and medical facilities to ensure compliance with health regulations.
  • Periodic inspections of all nonresidential properties to ensure compliance with property maintenance regulations.
  • Providing education and technical assistance to residents, businesses, contractors, and other interested parties.
Battalion Chief Thomas Hatzold supervises the Inspectional Services Division.  Tom  can be reached at   You can call the Inspectional Services Division at (630) 823-5860.  The Department is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 4:30 pm.