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Sanitation - Garbage

  • Garbage must be disposed of in an approved covered container. (307.2.1)
  • Refrigerators and similar equipment shall not be discarded without first removing the doors. (307.2.2)
  • Garbage containers are not allowed in front yards.(50-31[8])
  • Garbage containers are not allowed in corner side and side yards, unless screened from view.(50-31[8])
  • Garbage containers cannot be set out earlier than 5:00 PM on the night before collection and must be removed within 24 hours after collection.(50-31[3]) (During a holiday week, the collection day is one day later, after the holiday.)
  • No garbage, refuse, landscape waste, rubbish, or building materials are allowed in front, corner side, or side yards.(50-31[9]) Stacked firewood is allowed in corner side and side yards. Necessary building materials pursuant to a valid building permit are allowed in any yard.
  • Must have garbage service with a scavenger licensed in Hanover Park.(50-32[2])