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01/05/2017 Agreement between VHP & Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP for Collection Services
01/05/2017 Agreement between VHP & Dewberry for village hall lobby and finance department renovation
01/05/2017 Resolution for Maintenance of Streets & Highways by Municipality Under the Illinois Highway Code
01/05/2017 Agreement between VHP & Hall Signs, Inc., for Sign Materials for Street Signs
01/05/2017 Marquardt Lobbing Agreement for 2017
01/05/2017 Funding Agreement between VHP & Commuter Rail Division of Regional Transportation for repairs of commuter lot.
01/05/2017 Agreement between VHP & AECOM Technical Services for Zinc Control Program-Sludge Permit Renewal
01/19/2017 Agreement between VHP & Acres Group for Supply & Planting of Parkway Trees
01/19/2017 Agreement between VHP & Clauss Brothers, Inc., for Supply of Material & Planting of Lake Street Medians
02/16/2017 Membership Agreement for a Geographic Information System Consortium
02/16/2017 CIS Consortium Service Provider Contract
02/23/2017 Agreement between VHP & Smith & Loveless, Inc., for grit clarifier suction pipe replacement project
02/23/2017 Agreement between VHP & Auctions by Jennifer, Inc., for sale of village property
03/13/2017 Intergovernmental Reciprocal Agreement on Exchange of Information with the Illinois Department of Revenue
03/16/2017 Agreement with Baxter & Woodman for Emergency Water Supply Interconnect Study
03/16/2017 Agreement with IT-Stability Systems, LLC., for software maintenance
03/16/2017 Agreement regarding Land Banking of Parking Facilities
04/06/2017 Next Level Northwest Intergovernmental Agreement
05/03/2017 Intergovernmental Agreement with IDOT for signalized intersection of Barrington Road & Ramblewood Drive
05/04/2017 Permit Extension for Hanover Park Boys Football Association, Inc.
05/04/2017 Agreement with Filotto Construction, Inc., for Sewage Treatment Plant #1 Roof Replacement
05/09/2017 Intergovernmental Agreement with DuPage County for mowing along county roads and rights of way
05/18/2017 Master Services Agreement with CivicPlus for website development
06/01/2017 Agreement with Sunset Cinema, Inc., to provide outdoor movie for community
06/16/2017 Agreement with a5 Branding & Digital for rebranding of HP
06/16/2017 Intergovernmental Agreement for Municipal Jail Serves
06/16/2017 Intergovernmental Agreement of Understanding for Maintenance & Construction with IDOT
07/20/2017 Agreement with Ruekert Mielke for Greenbrook Court Roadway & Water Main Replacement Engineering Design
07/20/2017 Agreement with Aurora Sign, Co., for Exterior sign for HP Sports Complex
07/20/2017 Agreement with Gewalt Hamilton & Associates for HP Sports Complex Improvements
08/13/2017 Agreement with AllStar Asphalt, Inc., for resurfacing of commuter lot, public works facility parking and Schick Road
08/14/2017 Addendum 2 to Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement
08/17/2017 Extension Agreement with Verizon (MCI) for Regeneration Station 
08/17/2017 Master Services Agreement with Sentinel Technologies, Inc
09/07/2017 CallOne vPRI Service Agreement - Voice & Data
09/07/2017 Agreement with Burke's Tree Service for tree trimming
10/05/2017 Agreement with Dewberry Architects for remodeling of foyer and customer service area
10/05/2017 Agreement with Ruekert Mielke for Interim Village Engineer Support
10/19/2017 Agreement with Vian Construction Co., Inc., for storm and water improvements
10/19/2017 Agreement with Visu-Sewer of Illinois, LLC., for Sanitary Sewer Relining
10/19/2017 Agreement with Simple Recycling for Curbside Textile Recycling Services
10/19/2017 Intergovernmental Agreement with MCAT - Major Case Assistance Team
10/24/2017 Agreement with Du Page County consolidated plan for housing and community
11/02/2017 First Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement (Verandah Retirement Community, LLC REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT)
11/15/2017 Intergovernmental Agreement between VHP and County of DuPage for IGA for the DuPage Justice Information System (DuJIS) Project
11/16/2017 Intergovernmental Agreement with IDOT Engineering Services for Motor Fuel Tax Funds
11/16/2017 Agreement with Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc., for civil engineering services - MWRD Athletic Fields
11/20/2017 Intergovernmental Agreement with Keeneyville School District 20 and VHP for road salt.