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1. Where can I find information about Outdoor Dining Criteria?
2. Where can I apply for the free signs or marketing assistance the Village is offering?
3. Do I need a permit to put up tents in my parking lot?
4. How do I get the free signs and banners the Village is providing to businesses?
5. What kinds of signs/banners are available to my business free of cost?
6. Do I need a permit for outdoor dining?
7. What type of marketing assistance is the Village offering to small businesses?
8. What is the cost of the sign for the outdoor dining or sign permits?
9. What else do I need to submit along with my permit for outdoor dining?
10. How far apart do outdoor dining tables need to be?
11. How long is the permit for temporary tents valid?
12. Can I use the sidewalk in front of my restaurant for outdoor dining?
13. Will beauty salons and barber shops now be able to use sandwich board signs?
14. Can signs be put in the grass areas of the strip mall my business is in?
15. What are the hours I can allow outdoor dining?