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1. Do Fire Departments from other municipalities respond to incidents within our Village when our Fire Department is unable to?
2. Has the Village spoken to the Village of Bartlett about this new development?
3. Why does the Village of Hanover Park have two fire stations?
4. When did the Development Commission hold a public hearing on this development?
5. How will the new Fire Station impact the property value of the surrounding homes close by?
6. Safety concern: currently, cars speed down the bridge leading up to the location for the new Fire station. Will street signs be put up to combat this issue?
7. Will there be space for people to pull over new the Fire Station, if needed? Concern was raised about space on road, shoulders, and safety.
8. Will a new streetlight go up near the new Fire Station?
9. Will the new Fire station be one story or two stories? Concern was raised about space this development will encompass.
10. Will the diesel storage tank pose any threat to the community. Any additional information on the storage tank is helpful.
11. Is the Village required to notify train companies of the new developments?
12. Has the Village considered any other locations for the new Fire station?