Area Response Team (ART)

Program Overview

The Hanover Park Police Department uses a strategy aimed at closer Policing and Community Relations. This strategy is called Area Response Teams (ART). ART involves assigning officers as area representatives for one year periods. Each area also has an assigned supervisor who is responsible for the crime that occurs and the officers assigned to the respective area.

Prior to the implementation of ART, officers were assigned to an area for only six weeks. By creating long term area assignments, the officers will now become more familiar with the residents, offenders, and overall problems in their respective areas. Each area has four total officers assigned. Two for the Day shift and two for the Night shift. Residents are encouraged to call your Area Officers with any problems or concerns occurring in your neighborhood. This does not replace the 911 Emergency Telephone System. If you have an emergency, dial 911.

Area Response Meetings

Residents also have the opportunity to meet with all four area officers quarterly throughout the year. Remember, community policing means all of us working together to improve your neighborhood. The Area Response Meetings take place at the Hanover Park Police Headquarters in the Community Room which is located at 2011 Lake Street. Follow us on our Facebook page to receive the latest news.