Safety Tips

  1. Outdoor Cooking
  2. Bicycle Safety
  3. Water / Pool Safety
  4. Christmas Tree Safety

Remember the following tips when cooking outdoors:

  • Make sure the barbecue grill is level, does not rock and not in danger of tipping over.
  • When lighting a grill, consider using an electric starter rather than a flammable liquid.
  • Never add fire starter after you have started your barbecue. The heat from the coals could ignite the stream of liquid and burn back to the can, causing it to explode in your hands.
  • Watch for flare-ups when cooking fatty meats or foods with high oil content.
  • Keep combustible accessories such as mittens or paper plates at a safe distance.
  • After cooking, soak the coals in water. Dispose of charcoal in a metal container such as a metal garbage can or pail. Do not bring the used coals into the house or garage.
  • Charcoal gives off deadly carbon monoxide fumes and should never be used indoors or brought into the house or garage.
  • Never leave a hot grill unattended.
  • Keep small children away from the barbecue.
  • A bag of damp or wet charcoal should be immediately disposed of in a metal container with a lid, as it can spontaneously combust.
  • Never use your barbecue grill to burn waste or garbage.