Emergency Management Division

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The Village of Hanover Park Emergency Management efforts include Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Planning, Public Education, Disaster Training, and other preparedness activities. Emergency Management develops the village-wide emergency plans with an All-Hazards approach towards preparedness. This means the Village of Hanover Park works together within our municipal public safety structure, local stakeholders, and surrounding municipalities to protect its citizens to all types of hazards.  

Although some hazards are less frequent than others, Hanover Park Emergency Management facilitates additional planning and training on hazards with the highest potential including Severe Weather events, Active Threats, Public Health Emergencies/Pandemics, Winter Weather events, and Transportation Emergencies.

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This map shows the probability of a tornado occurring in the United States. Although Hanover Park is not in the dark red zone, the threat of a tornado and all associated hazards are significant for our area.

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