Air Quality Alert

With the recent Air Quality impacts from the Canadian Wildfires, be sure to check the air forecast for Hanover Park daily!

The recent air quality impacts affecting the Village of Hanover park are due to the Canadian Wildfires that began earlier this spring and will continue through the summer, resulting in an excessive amount of pollutants circulating the atmosphere. Forecasting is difficult for this type of weather and the EPA is able to forecast approximately 48 hours in advance based on wind pattern information from the National Weather Service. Unfortunately for the next couple weeks, the Chicagoland area is not expecting any precipitation that would facilitate better air quality for our area.

Consider keeping an eye on the Air Quality Index this summer as wind patterns shift to give us relief or poor air quality impacts from the wildfire smoke. For air quality hourly updates, visit The Air Quality Index or AQI can change quickly throughout the day and impact sensitive populations, such as the elderly, the very young, and those with respiratory or cardiac issues. See the chart for additional Air Quality Index information.

Air Quality Index

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