Certificate Of Occupancy

All business establishments in Hanover Park must comply with Village ordinances before Certificates of Occupancy and Business Licenses can be issued by the Village. In order to avoid problems with occupancy of spaces, the Fire Department’s Inspectional Services staff will conduct a "site visit" to conclude what tenant space improvements, if any, are required before occupancy. To schedule a "site visit," please complete a Site Visit for a Certification of Occupancy Application.

New Business / Tenant Space Improvement Guidelines

If tenant space improvements are required, the following guidelines have been developed for all new business/tenant space improvements within the Village. Please note that all tenant space improvements require a permit before work is started. Prior to any remodeling or occupancy of any commercial or industrial space, the following information shall be submitted to the Inspectional Services Division for review and approval:

  • A drawn to scale floor plan of the space to be occupied must be provided. The plan must include details of tenant separation walls (if known). Existing and proposed partitions or dividers must also be shown.
  • The floor plan shall include information about the intended use of each room or area, a schedule of interior finishes for walls, floors, and ceilings, sizes of all doors and passageways, a door hardware schedule, an equipment layout and schedule (if applicable), and any material or equipment specifications.
  • Any business seeking to sell, handle, process, or prepare food stuffs must have plans reviewed and approved by the Village Sanitarian.
  • Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical drawings (if applicable) must be supplied. Either the floor plan or the electrical drawings must show the location of exit signs, emergency lights, and smoke detectors.
  • The owner of the shopping center and/or property manager must approve, in writing, all requests for tenant space improvements and/or occupancy.
  • All contractors must obtain Village contractor's licenses prior to the issuance of any permits. Please note that all plumbing and electrical work may be done only by licensed contractors in commercial and industrial space. No plumbing or electrical work may be done by the owner or perspective tenants.

After completion of Space Improvement

Upon completion of the remodeling and successful passing of final inspections, a certificate of occupancy will be issued. Please note that prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy, a completed business license application must have been submitted to the Village Clerk and a water billing account must have been opened by the new business. No furniture, inventory, or non stationary equipment can be brought into the space before the certificate of occupancy is issued. After stocking the business, providing furniture, and other essentials and the business is ready for operation, the Community Development Department will conduct a business license inspection. Upon passing of the inspection, a business license will be issued and the business may begin operation.

Additional Information

Any questions regarding the requirements, process, or procedures, may be directed to the Inspectional Services Division at 630-823-5860.