As work progresses, it must be inspected by Village Inspector for compliance with the approved permit plans and all code regulations. Required inspections for your project will be listed on the permit. To schedule an inspection, call the Inspectional Services Division at least 24 hours before the time you want your inspection. Please have your permit number handy, since it is necessary to request an inspection.

To Schedule For Inspections

As a general rule, specific inspection times are not available. You can request a morning (9 to 11:30 a.m.) or an afternoon (1 to 3:30 p.m.) inspection. Exceptions can be made for concrete pre pours and other time-sensitive inspections. Prior to calling for an inspection, please make sure the work for which you are requesting an inspection has been completed. As indicated on the permit, $50.00 is charged for any failed inspection. This includes those projects which are not ready when the inspector arrives. Re-inspection fees are charged for work that is not complete or work that is not installed according to Village regulations or the approved plans, since our inspectors are required to make an additional trip to your property to inspect your project.

Request for Assistance

If you are encountering problems, need advice or specific information, or are unsure as to how to proceed, please contact the Inspectional Services Division. All of the Village inspectors are trained, certified professionals in their field, and while they cannot design your project, they are more than willing to offer advice to assist you in completing the job as quickly and easily as possible. If it is necessary to have an inspector stop by your project for assistance, please let Village staff know when you call. There is no charge for this type of interim inspection assistance. It is our goal to see that your project is completed quickly, with as little disruption or inconvenience as possible. If you wish to speak to one of the inspectors, you may contact them directly.

Final Inspections

Please, contact the Inspectional Services Division to schedule your final inspection. Refundable bonds cannot be returned until all final inspections for your project have been approved. For your own protection, you may wish to have the final inspection completed and approved by the Inspectional Services Division prior to making the final payment to your contractors.  Refundable bonds will not be returned until all final inspections have been approved.