1982 to 1999

Full-Time Firefighters

Service demands continued to increase. The district began hiring its first full-time firefighters in 1982. Chief Gresher was hired to begin the transition and start construction on the Fire Station located on County Farm Road. This station was established to cover the south side of the district. Emergency equipment was then readily available south of the Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad tracks.

In addition to Chief Gresher, several new firefighter/paramedics were hired and assigned to 24 hours on / 48 hours off shifts. Personnel were responsible for initial response to an incident with secondary response provided by on-call volunteers.

Fire Chief Stoike

Chief Gresher retired in 1994 and Chief Lockhart filled in for the interim until retired Lieutenant Art Stoike, formerly of the Schaumburg Fire Department, was hired as Fire Chief a year later. Chief Stoike led the department until his retirement in1999 and was replaced with long time Assistant Chief Richard Parker.

Merging of the District

In July 2000, due to overwhelming financial problems brought on by tax caps, the district merged into municipal governance under the Village of Hanover Park. Since that time, huge improvements have been made including upgrading aging apparatus, fire station improvements, enhanced training, and additional full-time personnel.

Fire Chief Haigh

Chief Parker retired in 2002 and Craig A. Haigh of King, North Carolina was hired to lead the department. Chief Haigh brought experience in the management of volunteer, combination and career departments, as well as a vast knowledge of fire based EMS operations. Chief Haigh retired in 2021 and Assistant Chief Eric Fors was promoted to Fire Chief.


Chief Eric Fors began his career with the Hanover Park Fire Department as a Part-time Firefighter/EMT in October 1997. He was appointed as a Full-time Firefighter/Paramedic in April 2001. Chief Fors was promoted to Lieutenant in July of 2008, Battalion Chief in October 2011, and Assistant Chief in 2016. He was promoted to the rank of Fire Chief/Director of Emergency Management in 2021. 

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