The Fire Department follows the Office of the State Fire Marshall (OFSM) guidelines for Firefighter certification. All personnel must be certified to the Firefighter II level and be certified as an Emergency Medical Technician with the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Department personnel must complete 20 hours of training per month in order to maintain their certification. This training includes new methods and procedures in EMS, fire suppression, vehicle extrication, apparatus engineering, building construction, and hazardous materials to name a few. 

Hanover Park Fire Department is constantly training on these diverse topics, preparing personnel to readily respond to any request for service. 

Our Training Program

The Hanover Park Fire Department has a progressive training program. From the time a candidate is accepted into the ranks as a firefighter, their training begins. Due to the wide array of emergencies we respond to, we require our firefighters to have knowledge and understanding of every aspect of the job from fire suppression, rescue, to emergency medical services.

About the Training Division

The Hanover Park Fire Department Training Division consists of a Training Chief, four Training Coordinators, and 25 OSFM certified instructors. The division is responsible for the training of all fire department personnel from recruit training to officer development. It is also the responsibility of the Training Division to maintain training records and certifications of all fire department personnel.

Recruit Training

New recruits attend 108 hours of in-house “Rookie School” that includes department orientation, classroom, and hands-on training including live burns. During this time, the recruit is also required to test into the Greater Elgin Area EMS System.

Ongoing Training

The Training Division provides ongoing training in firefighting, hazardous materials incidents, and Emergency Medical Services. This is accomplished through a variety of opportunities from a single company in-house drill to a multi-company mutual aid drill. Firefighters are encouraged to take advantage of outside classes offered through MABAS Division XII, the National Fire Academy, and any specialty team training that may be required.

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